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Spermicide (2) - Drunk'N'Roll - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: 4483902
Limited edition to 300 copies


A1. Instro
A2. Son Of..
A3. Wasted
A4. Booze & C
A5. Louisa & The Spiders
A6. Bitchboy
B1. Ain’t Get No Words
B2. Outlaw
B3. Yellow Fingers
B4. My Love Is A Gun
B5. Ramones
CD-1. Instro
CD-2. Son Of..
CD-3. Wasted
CD-4. Booze & C
CD-5. Louisa & The Spiders
CD-6. Bitchboy
CD-7. Ain’t Get No Words
CD-8. Outlaw
CD-9. Yellow Fingers
CD-10. My Love Is A Gun
CD-11. Ramones

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