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Straight From The Harp – I’m On Fire Just For You – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: RRR001


Danish duo Straight From The Harp consists of married couple Lady Lützen and Jarno Varsted. The couple has been living and working in Berlin´s multi cultural neighborhood Neukölln since 2008 and both the social multitude and the industrial rawness is always reflected in their unique sound. A crazy cocktail of Electronic krautrock, Twin Peaks inspired soundscapes, 80´s synth hits, haunting blues harmonica and simple 50´s rock n´ roll songwriting.


All songs written by Jarno Varsted except “Mon Homme” by Jarno Varsted and Lady Lützen, French translation by Johann Schork.

Recorded at Zeitzer Strasse 5, Berlin, by Jarno Varsted and at Sauna Recording Studio, Copenhagen, by Adrian Aurelius.

Mixed at Rummet, Copenhagen, by Lars Iversen.

Mastered by Andreas (Lupo) Lubich.

Produced by Straight From The Harp.

Photo by Alena Kühn.

Artwork by Straight From The Harp and Line Jensen.

Thanks to everyone who played or in other ways contributed to the making of this album, Playground Music Scandinavia, Sarah Cohr Lützen, Marie-Louise Wolff Knudsen, Mads Ravnsbæk Sørensen, Nikolaj Nørlund, Heide Kraenzlein, Till Schröder, Rose Eken, Kaspar Find, Claudia Kleinert, The Young Comets, 4 Guys From The Future, Kira Skov, Anders Holm, Naja Detreköy, Jakob Høyer, Rikke Malene Nielsen, friends and families, Dallas & Adrian Rocky.


1. I.O.F.J.F.Y Intro (2:34)
2. Heat Wave 2056 (5:28)
3. Gogogogogo (4:04)
4. Dancing Slow (6:21)
5. City Lights (4:10)
6. Judy (3:57)
7. Mon Homme (5:22)
8. Touch You (5:18)
9. People Living In The City (5:20)
10. Be Together (4:57)

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