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The Capaces - Whatever It Is, I'm Against It! - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: BBD 009
Recorded & mixed November 2009 at Ultramarinos Costa Brava.


A1. In The Rough
A2. Stay Punk
A3. Girlfriends (The Worst Rock’n’Roll Enemy)
A4. Human Calculator
A5. Hammerstyle
A6. Nightmare
A7. I Will Deny
A8. 30″
B1. Boogie Motosierra
B2. Red Lights
B3. Return Of The Living Dead
B4. Shut The Fuck Up
B5. Rockin’ Hell
B6. Luky
B7. $.G.A.E. Sucks
B8. Whatever It Is, I’m Against It!
B9. No Regrets

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