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The Fuzztones – LSD 25 – 25 Years Of Fuzz And Fury – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SIN CD & DVD 002
DVD is in NTSC format – compatible with all range free video systems.


CD101. Johnson In A Headlock (3:21)
CD1.02. I Never Knew (3:17)
CD1.03. One Girl Man (3:21)
CD1.04. Gotta Get Some (2:33)
CD1.05. Nine Months Later (4:25)
CD1.06. Ward 81 (5:29)
CD1.07. Action Speak Louder Than Words (2:15)
CD1.08. I’m Gonna Make You Mine (2:27)
CD1.09. Heathen Set (2:36)
CD1.10. They’re Gonna Take You Away (2:50)
CD1.11. She’s My Witch (3:01)
CD1.12. Rise (3:30)
CD1.13. Third Time’s The Charm (3:31)
CD1.14. Don’t Blow Your Mind (3:07)
CD1.15. Brand New Man (2:33)
CD1.16. Bad News Travels Fast (2:39)
CD1.17. Thirteen Women (2:47)
CD1.18. Romilar D (3:31)
CD1.19. Hurt On Hold (2:26)
CD1.20. She’s Wicked (3:15)
CD1.21. This Sinister Urge (3:24)
CD1.22. Salem Witch Trial (3:34)
CD1.23. Strychnine (2:16)
CD1.24. In Heat (2:20)
CD1.25. Cinderella (2:56)
DVD1.01. The Witch (Promo Video 1984)
DVD1.02. Ward 81 (Promo Video 1984)
DVD1.03. Rudi Protrudi & Michael Jay Interview (Videowave NY TV 1984)
DVD1.04. Bad News Travels Fast (Psychomania Festival – German TV 1987)
DVD1.05. Hurt On Hold (Promo Video 1989)
DVD1.06. Rudi Protrudi & Jordan Tarlow Interview (Music Box – English TV 1990)
DVD1.07. Girl You Captivate Me (Promo Video 1988)
DVD1.08. Nine Months Later (Promo Video 1990)
DVD1.09. Action Speaks Louder Than Words (The Alternative – LA TV 1990)
DVD1.10. Down On The Streets (Live At Scream LA 1990)

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