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The Real Bad News – Black And White And Red All Over – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: HCD-105
Organ mentor: Carl Sonny Leyland. Recorded at Ecco-Fonic Studios, Burbank, CA. This is actually a Deke Dickerson record under the moniker “The Real Bad News.” The band members pictured on the cover are not the actual band on the record.


1. We’re The Bad News
2. Think
3. Don’t Get Me Wrong
4. You Don’t Care
5. Krispy Kreme
6. Leave My Woman Alone
7. Hello Walls
8. Davie’s Grumpy Mood
9. Cast The First Stone
10. I Had A Dream
11. Takin’ Out The Trash
12. Midnight Blues
13. I Hate Fords
14. County Line
15. Hangin’ At The Alibi

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