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The Space Agency – Galactic Guitars – Best of The Space Agency – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: Tremolo CD05
Compilation CD featuring 22 tracks of some of The Space Agency`s favourite recordings from the 1st album, Galactic Vibrations & Kaleidoscopic Sounds which are all long out of print. Featuring an un-released track, some previously only available as downloads & a bonus track(Surfer’s Guitar) from Simon Jones – Instrumentals Vol. 1 album. The album comes in a Digi-pack CD cover with suitable Psychedelic Visual Enhancements. This is the only album of theirs that is still available.


1. Action A Go Go
2. Catch The Spy
3. You Make Me Nervous
3. Headless Hipster
5. Kaminari
6. East Side Vibrations
7. Clandestine
8. Hawaiian Surf Ride
9. Galactic Guitars
10. Tube Caddy
11. Flashback Guitar
12. Cyclone
13. Butler’s Lemon
14. High Tension
15. Minnie’s Theme(live)
16. Yellow Pearl
17. Yosakoi Bushi
18. Shake A Go Go
19. Kaleidoscope
20. Paradise A Go Go
21. Sakura No Ame
22. Surfer’s Guitar

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