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The Star & Key Of The Indian Ocean – Vintage Soup … – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC009
Barcode: 634479763946
Digipack cover. Recorded/Mixed in December 2004, at Blockhaus DY10.

Originally released on Green Cookie Records in 2005 (GC09), on CD.


Recorded/mixed by the band in December 2004 at Blockhaus DY10 by captain y.
All photos by Benjamin Studio. Cover design by y.

Line up: Captain y. (guitar); Spider (bass & voice); Davy boy (guitar); Wild A (skins); El Borbah (guitar).


released October 4, 2005


Seven noteworthy surf instros and five vocals live in peace and harmony on the new Star And Key Of The Indian Ocean CD. But seriously, folks, this is yet another fine release from one of surfdom’s more original bands. — Phil Dirt, Reverb Central (US)

Surf that sounds sunnier than the French west-coast and that has the exactly right ring, due to the authentic sound. Reverb drenched guitars fill twelve tracks with innocent melodies and pleasant solo’s. — Ruud van Esch for KindaMuzik (NL)

Quatre excellents instros suivent, ‘Fireballs’, ‘Cyclone’, ‘Nagasaki’ et pour finir la petite bombe ‘Monkey Twist’. Les titres vocaux conservent toutes les particularités et les qualités du côté instrumental de ce super groupe qui nous offre assurément un excellent album. — Instromania net (France)


1. Nitro (1:45)
2. All Right (1:53)
3. Camel Stomp (2:30)
4. Crees (3:42)
5. Fireballs (2:15)
6. Please, Please (2:51)
7. Cyclone (2:33)
8. Your Love (1:59)
9. Nagasaki (2:29)
10. Yeah Baby, Yeah ! (2:42)
11. Monkey Twist (2:09)
12. No No No No (5:21)

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