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The Surf Raiders - Raiders Of The Lost Surf & Surf Bound - 2CD BUNDLE




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Record Company:

Thanks to Green Cookie Records, a whole new generation will have access to two of the most important Surf music releases of the early 80s!
At a time when New Wave, Heavy Metal and Pop music dominated, The Surf Raiders did the Surfer’s Stomp to the beat of their own drums and were one of only a handful of bands carrying the torch of traditional Surf music.
Bob Dalley is not only a living legend for writing one of the essential publications on First Wave Surf music, Surfin’ Guitars: Instrumental Surf Bands Of The Sixties, but also for putting his knowledge to practical use and leading one of the premiere traditional Surf bands of the early 80s.
Raiders Of The Lost Surf and Surf Bound helped establish The Surf Raiders as one of the few prime examples of traditional Surf music in the early 80s. They are absolutely essential for any true Surf fan.

— Jonpaul Balak (Bassist at Insect Surfers, Surfer Joe, The Tikiyaki Orchestra; Dj at LuxuriaMusic; Former Dj & Music Director at North Sea Surf Radio; Former editor, photographer & writer at Tiki Magazine)


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