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The TomorrowMen – Futourism – CD (Limited Edition)


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Catalog Number: DCCD66-ltd
“In the primitive era that is the 21st Century, when hot, sweet, foot-stompin’ music is reduced to little more than a streaming bit of flotsam, The TomorrowMen are here to bring you hope from the year 3000 in the shape of a special, hand-made, limited edition box version of FUTOURISM, complete with a genuine Compact Disc and an extra-genuine selection of Postcard Art from the future, along with a download code so you can put FUTOURISM right onto your phone or similar digital turntable, allowing you to share the CD with a Luddite friend, or vice-versa. Hand-made box edition limited to 500 copies.”


1. Parsec’s Paradox
2. Back To Reality?
3. New Democracy
4. Tunak Tunak Tun
5. Adrienne’s Song
6. All Summer In A Day
7. Mercury in Retrograde
8. Rack ‘Em Up
9. Tempus Fugitive
10. The Man Who Couldn’t Tell Time
11. Hemispherical Synchronization
12. Lost
13. Circadia

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