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The Ugly Beats - Take A Stand With The Ugly Beats - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GH-1140
Barcode: 751707114018


A1. Take A Stand (2:54)
A2. (I Don’t Wanna Be The One To) Bring Her Down (2:13)
A3. Million Dollar Man (3:01)
A4. Lights Come On (3:43)
A5. Get In Line (1:51)
A6. I’m Gonna Break Her Heart (2:57)
B1. Action Plus (2:26)
B2. Last Stop (2:27)
B3. You’re The One (1:57)
B4. You Turn To Cry (2:25)
B6. Let Me Through (2:14)
B7. Ain’t That Old (2:45)

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