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The Ultra 5 – Denizens Of Dementia – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GC006/SE001
Remastered at Magnanimous Studio, Thessaloniki, Greece.Authoring Real Creations, Thessaloniki, Greece

This is how it all started. Now its been 12 years since we released a long player and 20 years since the band began, inspired by psych bands that released one single in 1967, plus all the usual ones like the Count V, Music Machine, Love, Chocolate Watch Band, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, etc., etc., etc. Before and after releasing our first 45 on our own label we contributed tracks to numerous comps, soundtracks, and split 45’s, including the “Bones Walk” single and a great ep on Zebra records called “Back In The Savage Garden” in 1996 as well as three long players: “Reincarnation” 1991, “House O Fun” 1992, and a live at Tutti Frutti LP on Moonking records titled “Dead Or Live” recorded and pressed in Mexico on psychedelic vinyl ― after one of three tours in our favorite place to play.

Now the ULTRA 5 have a large cult following, especially in Greece and Mexico, inspiring people to form bands like the Ultrasonicas, Los Magnificos and to cover Ultra 5 tracks and our great new “Denizens Of Dementia” CD on Green Cookie records, with too many tracks to list and 2 video clips ― all digitally remastered with tons of unreleased pix ! It looks like maybe The Ultra 5 will rise again, all draped in leopard, to creep up on a stage near you! ― Ultra 5 Headquarters, 2004

Band Members: Bob Urh (LeadVocal, Guitars), Ariane Root (Organ, Vocals, Percussion), Tara McMunn (Bass, Vocals), John Chua (Bass), Drummers: Greg Clarke, Piki Soul, Ellen Oneil (RIP), Bob Osuna, Ken Anderson, Wayne Diaz, Joanna Kerew, Frankie Rock (RIP).


1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Doll (2:52)
2. She’s The Girl (3:00)
3. Fun (3:13)
4. Don’t Know Why (2:45)
5. Lady Orange Peel (3:19)
6. Bones Walk (2:58)
7. It’s A Long Way Home (3:31)
8. Satan’s Angel (4:59)
9. Off The Hook (3:04)
10. Hell (3:28)
11. The Last Ride (1:18)
12. House Of Fun (2:38)
13. City Of Fire (2:37)
14. Cherry Mash (2:15)
15. Zero Child (2:58)
16. Moomy Wants To Rock (3:03)
17. So High (2:45)
18. For You (Acoustic) (2:57)
19. Gotta Be A Better Way (3:44)
20. Psychedelic Soul (2:10)
21. White Trash (2:00)
22. Love For Tomorrow (1:46)
23. My Only Desire (2:35)
24. For You (Electric) (2:53)
Video1. Get Out Of My Live Woman
Video2. Be

“The Ultra 5 are another New York band that ain’t about to get stuck in that shagged out sixties rut. Their brew consists of five ingredients, that’s three girls a guy and somethin’ otherworldly that straps itself on soon as the other parts reach room temperature. The Ultra 5 are plugged direct into the mains of a lumbering fuzz drenched teenage monster that’s intent on violating all that’s in its path. Murkier than the mk1 Fuzztones, but somewhat related in the way that the jump started primordial ooze bonds to envelope its prey. The 5’s first forty-five ‘Its A Long Way Home’ is already riveted to the hearts and what’s left of the minds of the garage mafia throughout this monoxide-addled universe. There’s a little somethin’ extra in this here soup – that magic fifth ingredient that kicks the whole mess into touch and drags you screaming through the swamp.” ― Lindsay Hutton, Next Big Thing magazine (March 1991)

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