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The Wave Chargers – The Wave Chargers – LP


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Out of stock

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Catalog Number: GC063

It has already been 4 years since the Parisian quartet The Wave Chargers made teenagers from France and Europe dance with their instrumental surf music. Day by day this audience demanded a Long Player album; it’s now done thanks to Green Cookie and Sonic Twang. Here are twelve tracks recorded live at ATPR studio. Twelve tracks ranging from the most sophisticated music to the most frenzied surf. After the success of their first two 45 t EP, The Wave Chargers become with this album the instrumental formation which you will not be able to do without.


A1. Bombora (01:58)
A2. Dernier virage (02:11)
A3. Headhunter (02:16)
A4. La Gâchette sauvage (02:44)
A5. Destinazione Roccapina (03:52)
A6. Jersey Channel Islands, pt. 7 (02:14)
B1. Cacciuco (02:20)
B2. La Cienega (03:13)
B3. Baron Double (03:09)
B4. Topanga (02:17)
B5. Catwoman Twang (02:32)
B6. Banzai Washout (02:21)

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