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The Wildebeests – Dimbo Party – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: WIGLP20
Barcode: 5028563240416
Recorded and engineered by the Gnu-Sound technical staff…shoddy by name shoddy by nature.”Bloodhound” originally performed by [a1296161].”Come On Now” originally performed by [a94078].”Early In The Morning” originally performed by [a746951].Plungers and rayguns raised in memory of Terry Nation (From behind the sofa!).Liner notes by Iggy Drab (The Keeper of the Great Horn).¬© 1997 Gnu-Sound Recordings¬© 1999 The Wildebeests


A1. Trust In Me
A2. Bloodhound
A3. Underfoot And Gone
A4. Come On Now
A5. Hey Cassandra
A6. Beeftub
B1. You Were Wrong
B2. Early In The Morning
B3. Mind Blender
B4. B.M.C
B5. Doune-Ray
B6. Bubblegum Fuzz

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