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Tricky – False Idols – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: K7308LP
Barcode: 730003730818
Signed copies were available for pre-order period at artist webstore.


LP-A1. Somebody’s Sins
LP-A2. Nothing Matters
LP-A3. Valentine
LP-A4. Bonnie & Clyde
LP-B1. Parenthesis
LP-B2. Nothing’s Changed
LP-B3. If Only I Knew
LP-B4. Is That Your Life
LP-C1. Tribal Drums
LP-C2. We Don’t Die
LP-C3. Chinese Interlude
LP-C4. Does It
LP-D1. I’m Ready
LP-D2. Hey Love
LP-D3. Passion Of The Christ
CD-1. Somebody’s Sins
CD-2. Nothing Matters
CD-3. Valentine
CD-4. Bonnie & Clyde
CD-5. Parenthesis
CD-6. Nothing’s Changed
CD-7. If Only I Knew
CD-8. Is That Your Life
CD-9. Tribal Drums
CD-10. We Don’t Die
CD-11. Chinese Interlude
CD-12. Does It
CD-13. I’m Ready
CD-14. Hey Love
CD-15. Passion Of The Christ

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