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Various – Μουσικό Λεύκωμα 1962 – CD


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Catalog Number: 4839611
2 CDs housed in the inside cover of a hard copy book. The Book only had a few pages taken from the Kathimerini newspaper, regarding the music events of that year. The book was accompanied by another yearly book based on the news events of the year as published in the Kathimerini newspaper. Both books were exchanged with coupons found in the Kathimerini newspaper.


. 1962 Τα Καλύτερα Ελληνικά Τραγούδια
1-01. Μεσ’ Τα Μαύρα Σου Κυρά Μου Τα Μαλλιά
1-02. Για Χατήρι Σου
1-03. Αστέρι Μου Φεγγάρι Μου (Φαίδρα)
1-04. Αθήνα Κόρη Τ’ Ουρανού
1-05. Καημός
1-06. Τα Δάκρυα Μου Είναι Καυτά
1-07. Απρίλης
1-08. Όμορφη Πόλη
1-09. Μια Παλιά Ιστορία
1-10. Άμα Θες Να Κλάψεις Κλάψε
1-11. Τα Λιμάνια
1-12. Πολλές Φορές (Που Θα Πας)
1-13. Πληροφορίες Κακές
1-14. Εσένα Δεν Σου Άξιζε Αγάπη
1-15. Ότι Αγαπάω Εγώ Πεθαίνει
. 1962 Τα Καλύτερα Ξένα Τραγούδια
2-01. Sealed With A Kiss
2-02. The Locomotion
2-03. Guarda Come Dondolo
2-04. (Dance With The) Guitar Man
2-05. Tell Him
2-06. Quando Quando Quando
2-07. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
2-08. Roses Are Red
2-09. Put Your Head On My Shoulder
2-10. What Now My Love
2-11. Ramblin’ Rose
2-12. Guitar Tango
2-13. O Mio Signore
2-14. Jambalaya
2-15. James Bond Theme

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