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Various – Burn Your Fingers On The Sun – CD


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: OTH 7052
All tracks exclusive to this compilation except for: “Follow The Sound” and “For Those Teary Eyes” taken from the album “Purple Journey Thru The Mod Machine” out through Off The Hip records. “A Thousand Flowers” taken from the album “Atlantis Regrets Nothing” out through Low Transit Industries. “Given Time” taken from the album “Brass Knobs Bevelled Edges” out through Off The Hip records.


. Disc One
1-1. Let It Go
1-2. Catherine Fields
1-3. Its Only 3AM
1-4. Follow The Sound
1-5. Turn On Your Mind
1-6. How Long Is Gone
1-7. Ghosting
1-8. How Does It Feel
1-9. 13 Stingrays
1-10. One Day
1-11. A Summation Of All These Burdens
1-12. Rise
1-13. Don’t Leave (Honey)
. Disc Two
2-1. A Thousand Flowers
2-2. For Those Teary Eyes
2-3. Aimee-Lee
2-4. Given Time
2-5. The New Sun
2-6. Radio Daze
2-7. Lantern Of Black Light
2-8. Blue Ribbon Behaviour
2-9. Let Me Through
2-10. On The Ground
2-11. Scuttle
2-12. Outside
2-13. A Trip In A Painted World
2-14. Forever

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