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Various – Come To The Caribbean – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: 021
Zombie Club Presents… Come To The Caribbean A1: Bahamas / Goombay (1955) A2: Cuba / Rhumba Chá (1953) A3: Trinidad / Calypso(1956) A4: Colombia / Cumbia (1961) A5: México / Guaracha (1960) A6: Cuba/ Chá Chá Chá Scat A7: Puerto Rico / Bomba (1954) A8: Trinidad / Calypso Goombay (1954) B1: Cuba / Mambo (1955) B2: USA / Mambo Swing (1955) B3: USA / Montuno Swing (1948) B4: Jamaica / Early Ska (1961) B5: Colombia / Cumbia (1961) B6: Puerto Rico / Plena (1956) B7: Colombia / Paseaito (1961) B8: Cuba / Conga (1958)


A1. Come To The Caribbean
A2. De La Rumba Al Cha Cha Chá
A3. Barbados Carnival
A4. La Pollera Colorá
A5. Pala Paloma
A6. Cha Cha Güere
A7. El Yoyo
A8. Boat Pull Out/Bahama Mama
B1. Jumping At The Woodside
B2. Chop House
B3. Sólido Joaquín
B4. Pine Juice
B5. Esperma Y Ron
B6. Déjalo Que Suba
B7. Güiro Y Guarachaca
B8. Yayabo

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