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Various – High School Rumble #3 – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: HSR 994
35 Rock & Roll Instrumentals From The USA 1958 – 1967


A1. Drum Twist
A2. Boogie 65
A3. Jungle Beat
A4. Restless
A5. Ad Lib
A6. Beatle Bug
A7. Hold It
A8. Sea Haunt
A9. Bird Swing
B1. The Dream Train Special
B2. Sittin’ Bull
B3. Thunder
B4. Hangin’ High
B5. Minor Chaos
B6. Moving Out
B7. House Boy
B8. The New “E”
C1. Phantom Freight
C2. Out Of Hand
C3. Retreat
C4. Hi-Voltage
C5. Midnight Terror
C6. Earthquake!!
C7. House On Haunted Hill (Part 2)
C8. Goin’ Nowhere
C9. Fox Fire
D1. The Snake
D2. The Green Monster
D3. Medicine Man
D4. Shoo Shoo
D5. Dirty Herb
D6. Morse Code
D7. Sabby
D8. The Zeke
D9. Down With It

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