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Various – Highs In The Mid Sixties Volume 1: L.A. ’65 Teenage Rebellion – LP (ALL THE VOLUMES TOGETHER)


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: AIP 10003


A1. Be A Caveman (1:53)
A2. All I Want (2:29)
A3. She Ain’t No Good (1:59)
A4. Louie Come Home (2:30)
A5. Guaranteed Love (2:24)
A6. Someday You’ll Cry (2:27)
A7. Tell Ya All About It, Baby (2:11)
A8. That’s When Happiness Began (2:18)
B1. Ain’t It Hard (2:21)
B2. Hold Me Now (2:27)
B3. The World Ain’t Changed (2:40)
B4. Goodbye (2:25)
B5. The Simple Life (2:00)
B6. I’ll Be In (2:32)
B7. Linda (1:55)
B8. They Can’t Hurt Me (2:43)

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