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Various – Kaminari – Nineteen Japanese Garage Monsters – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: GROO0051LP
This is a compilation of Japanese Garage ”Now” Sound. The bands featured within are playing underground with a pure, unadulterated sound today. COVER ILUSTRATION: Christopher Lopez HuiciTHIS RECORD BRINGS AN INNERSLEVE WITH PHOTOS AND EXTENDED BIOS OF EVERY BAND.


A1. Garbage Track
A2. Reflection
A3. The Devil Laughs
A4. Inase Na Aitsu Wa Surfer Boy
A5. Rosalyn
A6. I’m Your Witchdoctor
A7. Zombie
A8. Chicken Beat
A9. Sea Bulldog
B1. I’m So Lovin’
B2. Can’t Tame Me
B3. Murder
B4. Without Mercy
B5. That Girl
B6. The Fly
B7. I’ll Come Running Over
B8. Oh Those Eyes
B9. Lamb’s Bread
B10. Love

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