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Various – Rare Mexican Cuts Of The Sixties – LP


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: PINCHE 02
Reedition 2017


A1. Pedro Pistolas (Peter Gunn Theme) (2:00)
A2. Mary Mary (Mary Mary) (2:13)
A3. Satisfaction (Satisfaction) (2:27)
A4. Hey Monstro (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut) (1:54)
A5. Susie Q (Suzy Q) (2:01)
A6. Fiebre (Fever) (2:32)
A7. Gloria (Gloria) (2:39)
A8. Arriba Abajo Y Los Lados (Over Under Sideways Down) (2:03)
B1. Halo Que Tal (Hello I Love You) (2:03)
B2. Hey Joe (Hey Joe) (2:23)
B3. Juan Saltarin (Jumpin’ Jack Flash) (4:00)
B4. Deja De Llorar (Everything Is Allright) (1:55)
B5. Cul Jerk (Cool Jerk) (2:34)
B6. Pequeña Ayuda De Mama (Mother’s Little Helper) (2:36)
B7. Bajate De Mi Nube (Get Off My Cloud) (2:31)

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