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Various – Strip O Rama Vol 3 – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: VID 15
Barcode: 376001337156
Sticker “Vinyl + cd”. Audio restauration from original vinyl and mastering by Stéphane Teynie at AD Mastering. Track A2 is “Lookout mountain” and not “Boogie blues” even if cd sleeve says different.


A1. Hardhead (2:51)
A2. Lookout Mountain (2:25)
A3. Not Much Of A Future, But Man What A Past (2:13)
A4. So Young (2:40)
A5. Hey Mae (2:17)
A6. Talkin’ About My Baby (2:26)
A7. I Think Of You (2:05)
A8. Why Don’t You Do Right (2:04)
B1. The Coo (2:21)
B2. Lolita (2:07)
B3. Morgus The Magnificient (2:20)
B4. Shadrach Meshac & Abednego (2:45)
B5. Well Do It (2:25)
B6. Lasagna (2:24)
B7. Surfer Street (2:13)
B8. Yon Ne Go (2:42)

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