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Various - Strip O Rama Vol 3 - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: VID 15
Barcode: 376001337156
Sticker “Vinyl + cd”. Audio restauration from original vinyl and mastering by St├ęphane Teynie at AD Mastering. Track A2 is “Lookout mountain” and not “Boogie blues” even if cd sleeve says different.


A1. Hardhead (2:51)
A2. Lookout Mountain (2:25)
A3. Not Much Of A Future, But Man What A Past (2:13)
A4. So Young (2:40)
A5. Hey Mae (2:17)
A6. Talkin’ About My Baby (2:26)
A7. I Think Of You (2:05)
A8. Why Don’t You Do Right (2:04)
B1. The Coo (2:21)
B2. Lolita (2:07)
B3. Morgus The Magnificient (2:20)
B4. Shadrach Meshac & Abednego (2:45)
B5. Well Do It (2:25)
B6. Lasagna (2:24)
B7. Surfer Street (2:13)
B8. Yon Ne Go (2:42)

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