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Various – Strip-O-Rama Vol.4 – LP


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: VID 29
Barcode: 3760013327293
Vinyl 45 rpm selected and compiled by El Vidocq Infos at / [email protected] Audio restoration and mastering by Stephane Teynie ay AD Mastering ( Artwork: Marcel Bontempi


A1. Caesar´s Pad (2:45)
A2. Magic Lover Man (2:25)
A3. The Fuddy Duddy Walk (2:27)
A4. Stroll On Little Girl (2:35)
A5. Widgit (2:06)
A6. Cool As Moose (2:35)
A7. F-Oldin´Money (2:30)
A8. Bambino Blue (4:26)
B1. Please Mr Scientist (2:38)
B2. Sam´s Back (2:05)
B3. Play The Thing (3:05)
B4. Tum-Tiki (2:25)
B5. Rheumatism (2:36)
B6. Have Some Popcorn (1:41)
B7. Land Of Love (2:38)
B8. Burleska (2:04)

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