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Various – The Continental Magazine #34 – CD


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Out of stock

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Catalog Number: #34
Issue #34 is the latest issue of The Continental Magazine, once again featuring a spectacular full-color cover designed by the ever-amazing Scott of Hidden Volume Records (he did the CD art too!). In this issue we include exclusive interviews with The Atlantics and The Tikiyaki Orchestra, as well an article from Mel Bergman of The Phantom Surfers discussing the Beach Boys and Ventures role as surf bands. PLUS there’s tons of music, zine and DVD reviews. 44 pages in all – another HUGE issue! You also get a FREE 28-song CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes!!!


1. Surfing The Wedge
2. Bombs Away!
3. Speed Of Dark
4. The Bastion
5. Road Racer
6. Calypso de Verano
7. Swanky
8. I Used To Love You
9. Dune Buggy
10. Shakedown
11. Baja Blast
12. Stealthy Jaguar
13. Sidonia Beach
14. Into The Meld
15. Ghosts Of Atlantis (Radio Edit)
16. Cowabunga
17. Shovelhead’s Revenge
18. La Fosa del Pacifico Sur
19. Kauai Electric
20. Bummer Vacation
21. Escalation
22. Surfin’ With Poseidon
23. The Man From LOX
24. Overtones Of Hercule and Holmes
25. Lee Van Cleef
26. Pfui!
27. Make It Snappy
28. Chimacum Breakdown

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