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Various – The Man With The Licence – 10″


Out of stock

Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: DGR-EX-04
Barcode: 3521381535136
OSS ! Spy vs. spy ! MI6 ! All operating in the shadows of darkness and danger… Listen… Underneath that double-trouble of uncertainty lays the groove. The exotic and the erotic sounds. 007 ! The music with a licence to kill and thrill. When the clock strikes five and it is cocktail time, no man is a match for the soundtrack of the femme fatals of the underworld. Shake that thing baby-don’t stir… And the Martini too. The spy universe has been quite an inspiration for composers and orchestras. Lounge music, exotica and symphonic, this record will have spinning the globe hitting every longitude and latitude from Bangkok to Rio. So drop that needle get on board as thus jet is leaving the gate right on time.


A1. Agent .007 Dance
A2. I Wanna Be A James Bond Girl
A3. Magnifico
A4. Underwater Chase
A5. Secret Agent Man
A6. Rytmos De Amor
B1. Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
B2. L’Agent Secret
B3. Tokyo Butterfly
B4. Thunderball
B5. The Last Of The Secret Agents
B6. From Russia With Love

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