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Various – The Secret Team – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: BLP 4031
Taglines on front-cover: “SPECIAL LOW PRICED SAMPLER ALBUM!” / “MUSIC THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR” c&p 1988 by BOMP! Records All songs Copyright Control A1 taken from “[url=]Tapping The Source[/url]” (BOMP 4025) A2 taken from “[url=]Wild Trip[/url]” (Voxx 200.040) A3 taken from “[url=]Horror Stories[/url]” (Voxx 200.037) A4 taken from “[url=]The Raunchettes[/url]” (BOMP 4026) A5 taken from “[url=]Let’s Get Acquainted[/url]” (BOMP 4023) A6 taken from “[url=]American Gothic[/url]” (BOMP 4029) A7 taken from “[url=]New York Wolfpack[/url]” (BOMP 4030) A8 taken from “[url=]Contemplating Slaughter[/url]” (BOMP 4027) A9 taken from “[url=]Magic Still Exists[/url]” (Voxx 200.048) B1, B2 taken from “[url=]Stewdio[/url]” (Voxx 200.050) B3 taken from “[url=]Heatwave[/url]” B4 taken from “[url=]Psychedelic Schedule[/url]” (Voxx 200.053) B5 taken from “[url=]We Are The Dish[/url]” (Voxx 200.047) B6 taken from “[url=]All The Volume…Twice The Distortion[/url]” (Voxx 200.055) Catalog# BOMB! on spine: BLP 4031 Catalog# BOMB! on label Side A: BLP-4031 Catalog# Voxx Records on front-cover and spine: VXS 200.039 Catalog# Voxx Records on label Side B: VOXS 200.039 Catalog# both labels on back-cover: OFF THE SHELF – 1


A1. Can’t You Do Anything Right? (3:10)
A2. Speed Freak (2:30)
A3. Fuckhead (0:46)
A4. What? Scuze Me!? (1:10)
A5. Mister Mister (2:09)
A6. H-Bomb White Noise (4:45)
A7. Wolfpack (2:02)
A8. Killing Kranium (2:44)
A9. It Can Happen To You (2:55)
B1. Voices Of Several Tourists (1:10)
B2. Tourists From Timenotyet (4:20)
B3. I Love Cindy (3:28)
B4. What’s It Like? (3:40)
B5. No One Home (4:25)
B6. Burning Of The Midnight Oil (4:00)

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