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Various – This House Is Not A Motel – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GR 0046
Note on back-cover: “Also available on [r703301] CD with no xtra-tracks, of course.” A1 – London, Great Britain. This one’s from the [a259930] produced “[m=90096]”. A2 – Geelong, Australia. Taken from the kick ass “[r=2803057]” mini-lp. A3 – Angers, France. From their Glitterhouse debut “[r=688758]”. A4 – Aurich, W-Germany. This one’s from their “[r=3700506]” debut-mini-lp. A5 – Seattle, USA. From “[m=70681]”, features a groaning [a187676]. A6 – Seattle, USA. It’s on the [url=]Sub Pop 45[/url] and on “[r=2078046]”. A7 – Enger, W-Germany. Recorded exclusively for this record. New lp in fall. A8 – M√ľnster, W-Germany, Wild stuff from the “[r=2573838]” debut lp. B1 – Seattle, USA. From the [url=]debut 45[/url] on [l77343] and nowhere else. B2 – Bamberg, W-Germany. This is the b-side of their rare [url=]”Ann”[/url] 7″. B3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands. Opening track of the “[r=1863546]” mini-lp. B4 – Denver, USA. Taken from “[m=122069]”, their 2nd album. B5 – Los Angeles, USA. This is an outtake from the “[r=2112244]” lp. B6 – Columbus, USA. [a1354587] finally has a 12″ out. This one’s from it. B7 – Bonn, W-Germany. The Glitterhouse-weirdo. From the 2nd lp “[r=1635495]”. Mudhoney, Green River and Blood Circus are licensed from [l77343] for Europe. The Birdhouse and Les Thugs are licensed from [l2200] for Germany. Bored! is licensed from [l138946] for Europe.


A1. When The Storm Comes Down
A2. Upright Citizen
A3. I Need You
A4. Much Too Long
A5. Swallow My Pride
A6. Two Way Street
A7. She Looks So Fine
A8. Out Of Your Reach
B1. Sweet Young Thing
B2. Forever And A Day
B3. 1.000 Miles
B4. Cold Outside
B5. Take It In
B6. Walk A Fine Line
B7. No Beat

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