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Victory In Rio - Bronco - LP (+CD-R)


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: VIR.133VU-ltd
Victory In Rio,First album,Bronco,Limited Edition 250 copies, Comes with a double-sided insertion with credits and band photo and CD R with the album.


A1. Hello Hello (3:30)
A2. Walking Down on my Knees (3:03)
A3. Saturday Nights (03:02)
A4. Watermelon (3:46)
A5. Mr.Mayhem (3:25)
A6. Stray King (2:37)
B1. Blue (3:04)
B2. Lay Me Down (2:25)
B3. Hangdog (3:57)
B4. U.R.L. (3:52)
B5. Kessler Syndrome (4:15)
B6. Take Your Time (3:22)

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