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William S. Burroughs – The Instrument Of Control – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: 0604WB
Barcode: 0802137601668
The title appears as “The Instrument Of Control: In Conversation And Readings.” on both spines and as “The Instrument Of Control William S. Burroughs. In Conversation And Readings.” in the booklet and on the rear tray insert. From the rear tray insert: “0604WB Archivio Letterario Anno 2006 [email protected] – po box 2041. firenze [fi]. italia.” Neither tracklist, track durations nor any other information appears on this release. List of excerpts derived by listening to release: Tracks 1-8 are recordings from [url=/master/42443]The Red Night Tour[/url] in 1981. 01 Introducing John Stanley Hart (From A Pook Is Here) 02 Twilight’s Last Gleamings 03 My Protagonist Kim Carson (From The Place Of Dead Roads) 04 Salt Chunk Mary (From The Place Of Dead Roads) 05 Progressive Education (From The Place Of Dead Roads) 06 The Wild Fruits (From The Place Of Dead Roads) 07 The Unworthy Vessel (From Nova Express) 08 The Name Is Clem Snide (From Cities Of The Red Night) + Mr. Hart Couldn’t Hear The Word Death (From A Pook Is Here) Tracks 9-17 are the A Moveable Feast radio program (or the like) with host Tom Vitale, 26th Nov 1986. 09 Introduction 10 William S. Burroughs reading from Cities of the Red Night 11 Interlude (music) 12 Interview Part 1 (about economic crises, nuclear disasters, viruses) 13 Interview Part 2 (about evolutionary process, nuclear threat) 14 Interview Part 3 (about drawing from own imagination and other ones experiences, juncture between science & mystery) 15 Interview Part 4 (about phenomena that can’t be explained by science) 16 Interview Part 5 (about synchronicity, thinking in images) 17 Interview Part 6 (about advantages of thinking in images & pictorial languages) (Interview is also in the book [url=] Burroughs Live. The Collected Interviews of William S. Burroughs, 1960–1997[/url].) Standard clear jewel case release including a four page booklet and a two-sided rear tray insert.


1. Untitled (2:13)
2. Untitled (2:54)
3. Untitled (4:55)
4. Untitled (4:13)
5. Untitled (7:06)
6. Untitled (2:20)
7. Untitled (2:43)
8. Untitled (4:57)
9. Untitled (0:52)
10. Untitled (2:58)
11. Untitled (0:55)
12. Untitled (3:55)
13. Untitled (3:41)
14. Untitled (3:01)
15. Untitled (3:40)
16. Untitled (2:18)
17. Untitled (2:50)

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