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YĪN YĪN – The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: BJR046
Barcode: 7640159731467
Track B6, Dis Kô Dis Kô, is a hidden track found after the locked groove. Mastered [in] Mannheim (GER) Vinyl cut at Centraldubs, Bern (CH) Recorded and mixed at Bombrini Studios, Heerlen (NL) except for track A1, A4, A6 & B4


A1. Ňàtā Nı Thale
A2. Pingpxng
A3. One Inch Punch
A4. Lotus
A5. Thōm Kï Kï
A6. On Yīep
A7. Alpaca Mountain
B1. Kroy Wen
B2. Suì Yè
B3. The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
B4. A Ballad For Chong Wang
B5. The Sacred Valley Of Cusco
B6. Dis̄ Kô Dis̄ Kô

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