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Yma Sumac – Legend Of The Jivaro – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: 1552981
Barcode: 099915529817
With Native Accompaniment. (Jivaros Tribe) Fifth Yma Sumac Recording on Capitol Records and first to be issued directly to 12″ LP. T 770 from Original on Back Cover! Capitol Records ‘Rainbow Label’. Fabriqué et Distribué en France par EMI/Pathé Marconi. Imprimé en Hollande par EMI Services Benelux, B.V. Uden. Originally released in [url=]1957[/url].


A1. Jivaro (2:51)
A2. Sejollo (Whip Dance) (1:52)
A3. Yawar (Blood Festival) (2:30)
A4. Shou Condor (Giant Condor) (2:46)
A5. Sauma (Magic) (3:41)
A6. Nina (Fire Arrow Dance) (2:14)
B1. Sansa (Victory Song) (2:48)
B2. Hampi (Medicine) (3:06)
B3. Sumac Sorateña (Beautiful Jungle Girl) (1:52)
B4. Aullay (Lullaby) (3:41)
B5. Batanga-Hailli (Festival) (1:00)
B6. Wanka (The Seven Winds) (3:10)

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