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Insect Surfers

INSECT SURFERS: “Infra Green” (LP)

INSECT SURFERS «Infra Green» 12” LP Ltd 300 copies colored vinyl (splatter) & free download with 4 bonus tracks “This is the ‘Daydream Nation’ or even the ‘White Album’ of modern surf!” orders @ bandcamp | promos (download codes) upon request :   ★ (5-may-2014) ★ GC039 : INSECT SURFER “Infra Green” LP (the long...

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Insect Surfers European Tour 2013 Bassy club Berlin Germany

INSECT SURFERS: European Tour 2013 (LIVE)

HERE COMES THE INSECT SURFERS TORNADO! Touring period: JUNE 24 - JULY 20 Another great, incredible band from the "old & new" times. Formed officially in 1979 they have been rockin' in California since then, headed by Dave Arnson, the most un-traditional surf guitarist on the planet! Offering a show of jumps and crazy moves on stage, they really present a psychedelic set list of tunes inspired by the most classic surf music, but totally revisited in the sound and impact. If you do not know the Insect Surfers you surely are a ....Michael Jackson fan. The tour is exclusively......

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