PALMIYELER: Ben​-​Hür (LP​​)

Palmiyeler (Izmir born, Istanbul grown surf-pop-indie-dance-rock quartet) invites you for a drink by wavy beaches where you can enjoy their fun-psychsurf-pop sounds with serious lyrics darken by Istanbul’s genuine chaos.

Founded as an Istanbul based garage rock trio comprised of lead vocalist/ guitarist Mertcan Mertbilek, bassist Tarık Töre, and drummer Rana Uludağ.
They recorded their debut ‘Palmiyeler EP’ in 2013 and released it on vinyl and all digital platforms in 2015.
After the release guitarist/keyboardist Barış Konyalı has joined the band. They spent time touring, making videos, and recording their debut album ‘II (Venus)’ with the singles ‘Senden Haber Yok’ and ‘Karbeyaz’. ‘II (Venus)’ was released by Tantana Records in 2017 as a limited-edition LP and through all digital formats.
Palmiyeler released their 2nd studio album ‘Akdeniz’ including lead singles ‘Derine’ and ‘Kalbim Seni Arar’ on May 25, 2018 as a digital file. Green Cookie Record released ‘Akdeniz’ as a limited-edition vinyl on May 25, 2020.
‘Ben-Hür’ is their 3rd studio album so far. A singles compilation which contains songs from 2019 and 2020, as well as two new songs.


Singles Collection by Palmiyeler (2019-2020)
All songs written and performed by Palmiyeler

★ LP 12″ vinyl BLACK edition of 250 copies ★ LP 12″ vinyl TRANSPARENT CRYSTAL edition of 100 copies ★

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PALMIYELER: Akdeniz (LP​​)

Palmiyler lp

Palmiyeler: Akdeniz (LP) / Edition of 250 copies black vinyl


Palmiyeler invites you for a drink by wavy beaches where you can enjoy their fun-psych-surf-pop sounds with serious lyrics darken by Istanbul’s genuine chaos.

Founded as an Istanbul based garage rock trio comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Mertcan Mertbilek, bassist Tarık Töre, and drummer Rana Uludağ. They recorded their debut “Palmiyeler EP” in 2013 and released it on vinyl and all digital platforms in 2015. After the release guitarist/keyboardist Barış Konyalı has joined the band. They spent time touring, making videos and recording their debut album “II (Venus)” with the singles “Senden Haber Yok” and “Karbeyaz”. The LP was released by Tantana Records in 2017 as a limited edition LP and through all digital formats. Palmiyeler released their 2nd studio album “Akdeniz” including the lead singles “Derine” and “Kalbim Seni Arar” on May 25, 2018 as a digital file. Green Cookie Record released ‘Akdeniz’ as a limited-edition vinyl on May 25, 2020.

The band is recording their 3rd studio album now and going their first US tour in February, 2020.


All songs written and performed by Palmiyeler:
Mertcan Mertbilek (Guitar, Vocals), Tarik Töre Elgay (Bass), Rana Uludağ (Drums), Barış Konyalı (Guitar).
Additional musicians: Alpago Polat (Saxophone, Flute), Yasemin Yasu (Back Vocals).
Recorded and mixed by Berk Sivrikaya at Kare Muzikevi in Istanbul, Mastered by Everett Young.

Palm trees: Akdeniz (LP) / Edition of 250 copies black vinyl


The Incredible Sucking Spongies (10″​​/​​digital) – GC065

Edition of 250 copies black vinyl



The Incredible Sucking Spongies is an instrumental combo originated in 1997 in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). Their repertoire is rooted in surf music but combines influences that go far beyond the limits of the genre, resulting in an infectious and original sound. Besides the Spongies originals they also present often obscure covers. Over the years they built up a notorious live reputation, but they only released 1 limited edition album themselves in 2003: Let there be surf!..

The last few years, the band was put on hold mainly to focus on different side projects, but now they’re back in full effect with new material and a new vinyl album on Green Cookie Records. Check it out!

Filip Borms (bass); Jan Peeters (guitar); Dirk Van den Berge (guitar); Dirk Van Rosendaal (drums).


All songs by The Incredible Spongies expect:
Candid Cuban by Wim Jongbloed
Bulgar a la Klezmatics by The Klezmatics
De Collega’s by Pieter Verlinden

Filip Borms (bass); Jan Peeters (lead guitar); Dirk Van den Berge (rhythm guitar); Dirk Van Rosendaal (drums).

Guest musicians on tracks 3, 7 & 8
Chris De Weerdt (trumpet & whistling)
Danny Verleyen (tenor sax)

Recorded and mixed by Joes Brands at Sputnik Studio
Mastered by Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Mastering
Sleeve Design by Jan Peeters

Contact and bookings
Dirk Van Rosendaal
Mobile +32 496 59 43 87

EL RAY: Transitions (LP)

EL RAY: Transitions (LP) / edition of 300 copies black vinyl / one-sheet

Copenhagen, Denmark. Not the most likely place for a band to emerge with the obvious surfing pedigree of El Ray. The band show a versatility of sound and an ear for catchy, toe tapping melody which takes them beyond the cliches that can often be associated with the surfing genre. Combining a fresh, modern style with a healthy nod to the past, ‘surf with a twist’ El Ray have managed to achieve a new, classic sound.

Their 3 full length releases, the two 10″ inches and the singles are known to have been recorded during blizzards, far far away from the sunny side of life and Californian lifestyle. Whatever it is, El Ray is the band that keeps on giving that goosebumbing and hair raising Instro-surf!

El Ray’s merits has proved the band to be a serious contender in writing and performing modern instrumentals that would make your hifi-stereo A GO-GO!! The 4 Scandinavian Instro-surfers have build their own brand within the surfing circles since 2001. Mixing their dynamic, cool punked up surf tunes with a huge spoonful of rock’n’roll and a tad indie to make everybody happy when “it’s better to be surf than sorry”.

El Ray are always ready to invite their audience to ride the wild waves of surf in clubs all over.

Better Surf Than Sorry – it’s time to join the party!

DENGUE FEVER: “Dengue Fever 2003​-​2015” (LP)

Dengue Fever is what happens when musicians are record collectors, travelers, revivalists and extenders of tradition. Instead of simply falling in love with music that was literally almost eradicated, Dengue Fever helped nurture it back to health and propel it into the future.
I first heard Dengue Fever in the mid-2000’s, and I’ve been lucky enough to present them in NYC at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, and globalFEST, also in the the United Arab Emirates at The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi (basically, where I go, they go…) to large and diverse first-time audiences. Each time, I watched crowds transfixed by Dengue Fever’s unfamiliar yet familiar sound.
At the inception of the band, they drew from the classic psych-surf repertoire of artists like Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Serey Sothea, whose modern, globalized musical visions made them targets during the Khmer Rouge genocide. Dengue Fever introduced this nearly lost music to a new generation of fans in the US and eventually returned to its birthplace in Cambodia. However, they didn’t stop there. With love for the music and respect for a culture that belonged only to singer Chhom Nimol, they soon developed their own original songwriting and innovative sound that could only have been born in Southern California.
Like the Cambodian artists who gave them inspiration, they understood that pop music is a hybrid. Just as American rock was refracted within the sounds of Phnom Penh during the 60’s and 70’s; Dengue Fever sent the music back through the looking glass of indie rock, Ethiopian jazz, and trans-national psychedelia. They’ve become unlikely ambassadors, bringing their music around the US and the world. Enjoy this album, which captures a singular artistic voice that could never be mistaken for any artist other than Dengue Fever.

Edition of 200 copies (black) & 100 copies (orange) / one-sheet

THE WAVE CHARGERS: “The Wave Chargers” (LP)

It has already been 4 years since the Parisian quartet The Wave Chargers made teenagers from France and Europe dance with their instrumental surf music. Day by day this audience demanded a Long Player album; it’s now done thanks to Green Cookie and Sonic Twang. Here are twelve tracks recorded live at ATPR studio. Twelve tracks ranging from the most sophisticated music to the most frenzied surf. After the success of their first two 45 t EP, The Wave Chargers become with this album the instrumental formation which you will not be able to do without.
Voici déjà 4 ans que le quatuor parisien The Wave Chargers fait danser les Teen-agers de France et d’Europe avec leur musique surf instrumentale. De jour en jour ce public réclamait un album Long Player ; c’est désormais chose faite grâce aux maisons Green Cookie et Sonic Twang. Voici douze titres enregistrés en condition live à l’ATPR studio. Douze titres allant de la musique la plus sophistiquée à la surf la plus endiablée. Après les succès de leurs deux premiers 45 t EP, The Wave Chargers deviennent avec cet album la formation instrumentale dont vous ne pourrez plus vous passer.

Edition of 350 copies / one-sheet

THE MOE GREENE SPECIALS: “The Moe Greene Specials” (LP)


TMGS started out in 2002 as The Moe Greene Specials. With an old worn out movie theater as a rehearsal space, they play original cinematic surf and spaghetti western tunes and tour around Europe with the infamous Russ Meyer’s Pussy Galore Nite. Over the years, TMGS evolved to a tight and soulful alt country rockband but always kept the cinematic vibe, twangy guitars and mariachi trumpets.   less


CD released June 13, 2005
vinyl edition released December 1, 2019


“The Moe Greene Specials play a seriously moody and dramatic form of spaghetti western, with multiple guitars that create a thick wash of sound, and bass and drums, and accompanied by horns that add to the Morricone experience. This album is really fit for a film score.” Phil Dirt – Reverb Central (USA)

“It’s certainly the best spaghetti western album that Enrio Morricone never made and, to my ears at least, better than any of the albums hi did make. This is because it is intended for listening to rather than as an accompaniment to pictures. If you have any spagwest albums you certainly need this one too. If you ever fancied trying one and weren’t sure where to start, then this is the place. Ok hombre?” Alan Taylor – Pipeline magazine (UK)

“From Belgium, The Moe Greene Specials play cinematic instrumental surf and spaghetti western tunes that evolve almost symphonically, with trumpets doubling the guitars. Musical influences vary from Calexico-style desert songs to Stax soul to Dick Dale.” ZPTDUDA music. com (USA)

“(…) Hiermee maken ze een superpakkende, instrumentale mix van surf, texmex, americana, western, easy tunes en lichte soundscapes. Ofwel een heel fijne mix van Friends Of Dean Martinez, Calexico, Dick Dale, Pixies, The Treble Spankers en een vleugje Scenic. Het is niet alleen lekker, het is ook retegoed! Het zou de ideale soundtrack van een spaghettiwestern kunnen zijn, maar het kan ook je ideale plaat zijn om achterover te liggen in je hangmat en een koel bier bij te drinken (…)” Subjectivisten. org (NL)

“(…) Hun instrumentale surf n’ western zou niet misstaan als soundtrack voor een klassieke mafiafilm. Zeer fraaie en pakkende liedjes, vormgegeven met contrabas, trompet, conga’s, castagnetten en andere toepasselijk authentieke instrumentelarij. Het gebeurt mij niet vaak dat een plaat mij vanaf de eerste kennismaking direct pakt maar deze keer is het helemaal raak. Ik kan hier heel erg van genieten, zo mooi en vooral sfeervol als dit album is (…)” (NL)


Recorded, mixed & mastered by Patrick Delabie at Studio 195,
The Netherlands, November 2004.


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THE HALIBUTS: “Hangin’ Fourteen” (LP)

Green Cookie records paying tribute to the one of the very first surf bands from LA among with Jon & the Nightriders and the Surf Raiders.
Starting in the early 80’s, South Bay Los Angeles’ own Halibuts played instro surf music when it wasn’t even hip. All but one of the members in the band surfed, unusual at the time as well.
Therefore, we collect all their top songs from their albums (3 of them on a new remix) and we present to you Hangin’ Fourteen on limited collectable vinyl record.

Rick Johnson (guitar); Joe Lyou (sax); Pete Curry (guitar); Kevin Daley (bass); Randy Haskins (drums); Bruce Paddy (keyboards); Richie Hutter (drums on A1); Bob Beland (keyboards on B7).

A1-A4 & B4 produced by Chris Ashford, A5-A7 & B1-B3 & B5-B7 produced by Pete Curry. Mastered by Ron McMaster. Cover Photo by Chris Van Lenne. Graphic Design by Tom Hofer.

Edition of 250 copies

LOS VENTURAS: “Playtime!” (CD/LP)

(GC059) Los Venturas - Playtime (CD&LP)

CD edition of 500 copies – LP WHITE edition of 100 copies – LP BLACK edition of 200 copies – & free 7″ to the first 100 LP’s

After 18 years of playing, Los Venturas have marked their spot in the international scene of instrumental guitar music called ‘surf music’. That label however is too small for what the band brings its crowd: there’s exotica, balkan, ska, soul, rock ‘n roll, … Some have already uniquely labelled it ‘world surf music’. The band itself rather sticks with ‘penetrating guitar instrumentals™’. This unique fusion of styles has been approved by many crowds in Europe and over the Atlantic. Not to be surprised, as their accessible music guarantees good vibes. On top their many years of experience can be heard as a flawless live performance. In short, they know how to throw a party, in diverse settings and different stages, going from clubs to festivals, inland or at the seashore.

Their many years of writing music can be heard on 7 albums/singles that were released from 2001 on: Sharkfest, Aloha Summer, Surfers Brew, Besame Mucho, Kaleydoskop, Paisley Beach & Miles High. The last 3 albums were recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Pete Curry (Los Straitjackets, Jon & The Nightriders) and released under Green Cookie Records. This fall Green Cookie records and Los Venturas proudly present their 4th cooperation: “Playtime!”. Unlike the previous albums, this one is 100% made in Belgium: recorded at Nico Leonard’s Pum Pum Hotel in Charleroi, mixed at Great Oak Studios by Steven Van Gelder and produced by Sam Pieter Janssens.

Playtime! features 11 originals, each of them a world on its own thanks to the use of multiple instruments, techniques and the added value of some top notch guest appearances. It comes in white vinyl and CD. The first 100 LP’s come with an extra 7” featuring two alternative versions, dancefloor-proof! Whether you’re a DJ, collector, music lover or player, don’t hesitate to purchase your copy and… play it!!

Also available by Green Cookie records: Miles High (2016) (CD & LP edition of 500 copies on COLOURED vinyl) – Paisley Beach (2013) (10″ edition of 300 copies on GOLDEN vinyl) – Kaleydoskop (2011) (LP edition of 500 copies on BLACK vinyl)

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(GC060) The Bardulians - Here We Go (CD)

 CD edition of 300 copies


The Bardulians are an instrumental jazz, funk, soul and rhythm & blues quartet formed at the beginning of 2012 in Bilbao, Spain. The band features musicians coming from bands like The Cherry Boppers, Akatz, Priscilla Band, The Longboards.

At the end of 2018, the Green Cookie Records released the CD “Here We Go!”. There can be found 7 instrumental songs composed by the band and an adaptation of a rhythm & blues classic. A recording in quintet format that features the guitar of Alfredo Romero from The Longboards. Recorded and produced by The Bardulians, mixed and mastered by Mike Mariconda.

The quartet currently, 2019, is formed by: Joseba Negro (Hammond organ); Lando Stone (guitar and vocals); Iskander Vesga (baritone and tenor sax) & Argibel Euba (drums).


The Bardulians es un cuarteto soul y “rythm & blues” instrumental que se forma a principios de 2012 en Bilbao. Sus músicos proceden bandas como The Cherry Boppers, Akatz, Priscilla Band, The Longboards…

A finales de 2018 el sello Green Cookie records edita el CD “Here We Go!”. Se grata de 7 temas instrumentales compuestos por la banda y una adaptación de un clásico del rythm & blues. Una grabación en formato quinteto que cuenta con la guitarra de Alfredo Romero de The Longboards.
Grabado y producido por The Bardulians, mezclado y masterizado por Mike Mariconda.

El cuarteto en la actualidad, 2019, lo forman: Joseba Negro (órgano Hammond); Lando Stone (guitarra y voces); Iskander Vesga (saxo baritono y tenor); Argibel Euba (batería).


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All songs by The Bardulians except “Good Good Lovin” by James Brown.

Recorded and produced by The Bardulians, mixed and mastered by Mike Mariconda.


Staying with Green Cookie and indeed the Bardulians, these dudes recently dropped a killer set going by the name ‘here we go’ that had the label lushly gushing citing references as wide and far as Otis Redding, Gil Scott Heron and Sly and the Family Stone, all of which weren’t to varying degrees, lost on us. However, we suggest you fast forward to the parting cut ‘Atxabiribil Sunset’, an end of the evening slice of arresting lounge jazz acutely shimmered and seasoned in a sultry exotica trimming that’s teased with a sea faring lazy eyed lilt, quite exquisite by these ears. / The Sunday Experience (3 Jan 2019)

Groovy Baby !
Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un disque pour créer une ambiance à la Austin Powers alors ce mini album (7titres) du groupe de Bilbao saura vous régaler ! Entre musique pour Party, Bande Originale pour film d’espionnage sixties imaginaire, leur cocktail smooth à base de Jazz Funk Soul & Rhythm’n’Blues fait un malheur !
Orgue et saxophone, mais utilisés de façon purement élégante et légère, viennent driver les titres ici présent, qui bénéficient chacun d’une vraie personnalité.
Super-class !
Je ne suis pas le grand connaisseur de ce genre de disque ni le plus gros fan de disques totalement instrumentaux, mais je dois dire que celui-ci fait la distance idéale et que l’attention portée à chaque morceaux lui donne une pertinence et un intérêt qui ne faiblit jamais, alors que grandit l’envie de le réécouter ! / Voix De Garage Grenoble, France (10 Feb 2019)




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  • CD edition of 500 copies
  • LP RED edition of 150 copies
  • LP BLACK edition of 350 copies

New release announcement

Green Cookie Records and Satan’s Pilgrims are happy to announce the reissue of “At Home With Satan’s Pilgrims”, the very first full length Pilgrims album originally released in 1994 on eMpTy Records. This album has been long out of print and will now be available again on LP and CD, remastered and with a short run of red colored vinyl copies available!
Even on their first album, the Pilgrims came out of the gate with some of their best loved original songs, such as “Surf Lyre”, “¿Que Honda?”, and “Petty 43”.
The cover songs they chose show their allegiances. Rather than going for the Dick Dale style that was about to reintroduce the world to surf music via “Pulp Fiction” (which was released into theaters not long after the release of “At Home With Satan’s Pilgrims”), the Pilgrims chose a more band oriented style as they covered The Bel-Airs, Eddie & The Showmen, The Rondels/The Challengers, and having three guitars, The Astronauts…natch!
Now here we are in 2018, looking back on the 1990s surf the same way Satan’s Pilgrims and the other 90s bands were looking back to the original 1960s surf for inspiration. Whether you were there in the 60s, 90s, or are just discovering surf, we hope you will enjoy this piece of surf music history.

album credits:

Produced by Satan’s Pilgrims.
Recorded at Alan Sound, Portland, Oregon, USA by Gary Schroeder.
Dave Pilgrim plays the vox jaguar organ on “Peter Lorre”.
Backing Vocals on “Que Honda” by The Brothers E & The Bourbonaires.
Gobbling on “Turkey Trot” by The Sour Mash Boys.
Percussion on “John’s Moods” by The Portland Men’s Drum & Poetry Circle.
Design by Clog.
All photographs by Lars Topelmann.
Grim-Lib by A. Faust.
Thank you to Lynsey, Matt Burns, and Kaie Wellman.
Remastering by Gus Elg at Sky Onion.
Recreation of cover art by Aaron Mahony.

more info:

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LOS DAYTONAS: “Twang or Die” (LP)


Los Daytonas are a genuine instrumental surf band from Madrid (Spain) established in 1997. Their new LP “Twang Or Die” includes 8 original tunes plus 3 covers on a 180gr. black vinyl.
Although this is a classic instrumental surf album, you will find a cool mix of styles such as: Hot Rod (Big Rod), Spy (La Tapadera), Western (Mátalos Y Vuelve) and various Exotica inspired tracks!!
The album was recorded live in one of the most truly retro studios in Spain: Big Cheff Recording Service; using 40’s, 50’s & 60’s equipment & backline. Mastered at Lightning Recorders, Berlin. Both running through a 100% vintage analogue processing.
Produced by Mike Medianoche & Los Daytonas, this recording has plenty of exciting arrangements using castanets, great choirs, tenor sax, organ, vibraphone, marimba & lots of percussion in order to achieve a very dynamic & unique listening experience.
If you enjoy the classic instro twangy sounds from the late 50’s to the mid 60’s era, you shouldn’t miss this BOSS band from Spain!!

under file: sixties instrumental rock, surf, spaghetti western, spy, 60’s, hot rod, exotica.

album credits:

Recorded in November 2017 at Big Cheff Recording Service, Madrid.
Engineered by Pedro Sancho.
Mixed by Paco Alonso.
Mastered by Axel Praefcke at Lightning Recorders, Berlin, Germany.
Produced by Mike Medianoche & Los Daytonas.
Castro bike photo courtesy of “Donzzilla” Don Miller.
Band photo by Irene Palacio.
Package design by Mike Medianoche.

All songs written and arranged by Los Daytonas except: “Big Rod” (“Big Cock,” Sex Museum, Fidias 1987); “Borracho” (Los Brincos, Novola, 1965); “Latin’ia” (The Sentinels, ERA, 1962).

Race engine sounds on “Big Rod” excerpt from the album: “The Big Sounds of the Dragsters I” (Capitol Records, 1963).

More info:

Phone no: (+34)-679017342