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10 years after its release on CD finally this legendary album on vinyl!
Black Color Edition (200 copies) and Special Yellow Color edition with Red flames (100 copies). Plus an extra track live from the Metro, Chicago, IL, USA (9 August 2013).

BIO english

Lost Acapulco are a surf rock band formed in the port of Acapulco, Mexico in 1996. One of their main features is the use of Mexican wrestling masks (Lucha libre).
Pioneers without a doubt of the surf scene in Mexico. Considered a cult band, which since their inception in 1996 have been characterized by its powerful and vertiginous live shows. Power that the public has been transforming into frenzied and colorful tribal dances, with wrestling masks, flowery shirts and beach accessories; paraphernalia that the fans have gradually incorporated into their shows. Their debut album “4” was produced by Danny Amis (Los Straightjackets).
Their music has been included in films of the “new Mexican cinema”, such as Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas, Perfume de Violetas, Atlético San Pancho, Matando Cabos, Santos Peregrinos and in animations by Jorge Alderete for MTV and Nickelodeon.
They have performed in the most important festivals around the world; During their numerous and extensive tours they have taken their music to places such as: Finland, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, the United States, and Japan just to name a few.
The current members of the band are: Mr. Ramirez Acapulco (Bass); Crunchy Acapulco (Guitar); Reverendo Acapulco (Guitar); Warpig Acapulco (Drums).

BIO spanish

Pioneros sin duda de la escena surf en cdmx. Considerada una banda de culto, que desde sus inicios en 1996 se caracterizo por su potentes y vertiginosos temas en vivo. Potencia que el publico fue transformando en freneticos y coloristas bailes tribales, con mascaras de luchadores, camisas floerdas y accesorios playeros que poco a poco los seguidores han ido incorporando a los shows. Su debut con el disco “4” conto con la produccion de Danny Amis (Los Straightjackets).
Sus temas se han incluido en películas del “nuevo cine mexicano”, como Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas, Perfume de Violetas, Atlético San Pancho, Matando Cabos, Santos Peregrinos y en animaciones de Jorge Alderete para MTV y Nickelodeon.
Se han presentado en los festivales más importantes alrededor del mundo; durante sus numerosas y extensas giras han llevado su musica a lugares como: Finlandia, Noruega, Italia, Suiza, Alemania, Espana, Francia, Holanda, Belgica, Estados Unidos, y Japon solo por mencionar algunos.


All track written by Lost Acapulco (E. Lopez – C. Franco – J. Moragues – R. Munoz); except Green Beans (Traditional) & Zombie (The Sleepers / Abraham Oceranski)

Recorded at Primitiv Studios during 2010.
Produced by Lost Acapulco.
Recording engineer: Guillermo Ramirez “Blue Demon”.
Mixed by Esteban “Crunchy” Lopez and Lost Acapulco in January 2011.
Mastered by: Luis F. Herrera at Masterheadlab, New York in February 2011.

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