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TMGS started a decade ago as a 100% instrumental surf and spaghetti western band, with its full name being: “The Moe Greene Specials”. The twang guitars and trumpet sound are still there but the music has evolved over the years to a more melodic pop/rock with definite alt. country influences.

Over time some of the original musicians left, other members joined and since the beginning of 2008 the band came to its final cast. Ever since TMGS has officially become the band’s name, also to emphasize their subtle break with the past.

TMGS is: Kristof Janssens (acoust. & electr. guitar, vocals); Peter Lodiers (electr. guitar, vocals); Dennis Colman (electr. bass); Koen Van Loon (trumpet, percussion, vocals); Bart Raats (trumpet); Dirk Van Rosendaal (drums, percussion, vocals); Yves Seyns (keyboards, organ, vocals).

TMGS (Belgium) tour dates

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