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The Slow Slushy Boys – Love & Affection – 10″


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: BS 33002
Recorded at Larsen Studio, Chambery “I Want Love & Affection” originally performed by [a769303]. “When Will We Get The Power?” taken from [r1762573]. “Shotgun Boogaloo” taken from [r1762521]. “I Cant Believe What You Say” originally performed by [a81138]. “Slush Puppy” taken from [r4660891] “Look Away” originally performed by [a363202]. “I’m Gonna Forget About You” originally performed by [a292382]. Liner notes by Karen Alexander (B-Soul), Colin Bryce (Mahair Sweets), Ryan Richardson (Hammondbeat) & Martin Lawrie (Soul Generation) B-Soul is a division of Larsen Recordz. 2005 Larsen Recording Empire


A1. I Want Love & Affection
A2. When Will We Get The Power?
A3. Shotgun Boogaloo
A4. Be Natural
A5. I Cant Believe What You Say
B1. Without You
B2. Never Bad Times
B3. Slush Puppy
B4. Look Away
B5. I’m Gonna Forget About You

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