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Uebertribe – Brand New U – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: SIP1201
Barcode: 4251463800119
© 2018 Shitty Is Pretty Records Hype-sticker on shrinkwrap: Uebertribe The debut album Authentic raw funk inspired by 70s acrobat, 80s P-Funk and 60s jazz with some mad voodoo on top of it “Tough as hell. Hard German Funk, like the younger siblings of The Poets of Rhythm in their prime & that really is a good thing!” (Boca 45) “Funky as a Junkie with a pet monkey” (Shawn Lee) “Totally up my funky street!” (Mr. Mellow’s Sunday Scene / Soho Radio) [Shitty Is Pretty logo – barcode – Légère Recordings logo] Purple Pearl [A5] is a tribute to Prince. Gefördert durch die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Kultur und Medien [back sleeve]


A1. Game Over (2:08)
A2. Brand New U (4:17)
A3. Shake (4:26)
A4. Ying Yang Kutsk (5:44)
A5. Purple Pearl (3:59)
B1. Don’t Treble Me (4:14)
B2. I Won’t Go To Bed (5:23)
B3. In A Matter Of Seconds (5:44)
B4. The Thief (5:37)

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