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Ug & The Cavemen* – Ug & The Cavemen – LP (Gatefold, Pink)


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: TWLP025-ltd
Ltd Edition 300 copies (150 of each colour) Gatefold LP with the full Ug and The Cavemen story by Bal Croce, 4 Bonus tracks, and a DVD of them supporting The Cramps from 1990…..Revamped artwork by Bruce Brand too.


A1. Go Gorrila
A2. Tarzan’s Jungle Home
A3. Nightmare
A4. Be A Caveman
A5. Under The Door
A6. I’m Evil
A7. Rev Up
B1. Switchblade
B2. Shake It ‘Injun’
B3. Bo Diddley
B4. Mean Teen Mama
B5. Astro Stratosphere Stardust Cadillac
B6. Live In Paris Intro.
B7. Willie The Wild One
B8. Rev Up

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