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Various – Bloodshot! The Gaity Records Story Vol. 2 – LP


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: ED-236


A1. Blue Black Hair (2:40)
A2. Easy Rhythm (2:43)
A3. Rhythm Review (2:13)
A4. Theme From A Fireplace (2:36)
A5. Twist All Wrong (2:20)
A6. Change Your Mind (2:05)
A7. Surfin’ Crow (2:08)
A8. My Dear (1:36)
A9. Volcano (1:42)
A10. Shake Baby Shake (2:09)
B1. Hey Little Willie (2:18)
B2. Easy Rhythm (2:04)
B3. Rhythm Review (2:06)
B4. Falling Star (2:31)
B5. Fidel Castro Rock (2:57)
B6. Tambour (2:20)
B7. Little Marlene (2:14)
B8. Get Going (2:59)
B9. Have A Good Time (1:52)
B10. Haunted By Repetition (2:07)

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