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Various – Grains Of Time – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: 19660001
‘Ultra Rare U.S. Sixties Garage 45s. 27 Outstanding U.S. Sixties Garage Rarites (In Great Sound).’ The CD came with an additional liner notes insert with the following notes: “Errata galore: looks like the booklet liner notes were typed by a rabid chimp on angel dust… Please read this, the English-language version instead:”


1. Not Like She
2. She’s Your Find
3. Why Doesn’t She Believe Me
4. Alley Oop
5. No Matter What They Say
6. Who Cares
7. It’s Not The Same
8. I Want To Be Loved
9. Never Comin Home
10. Com’ing Home
11. Black Lantern
12. One Night Stand
13. You Know
14. Want-A-Love You
15. Last Night
16. It’s Too Late
17. I Gotta See Her
18. You’ll Never Know
19. Judge Him If You Can
20. Nighttime-Daytime
21. Running Away From You
22. Beggar Man
23. Just Me
24. Anne
25. The World I’ve Planned
26. Now I’m Gone
27. Hippy Town

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