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Various – Greek Beat Greats (Wildworld Volume 4) – CD


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: GR10003
60s shake sounds Greek titles on the original 45s: 2: [url=]Μικρό Κορίτσι[/url] 4: [url=]Το Κορίτσι Του Φίλου Μου (L’ Innamorada De Un Amico Mio)[/url] 12: [url=]Το Μεγαλείο[/url] 14: [url=]Η Συμφορά[/url] 15: [url=]Περιγιάλι[/url] 18: [url=]Βασιλικός (Vasilikos)[/url] 19: [url=]Πάντα Κοντά Μου (You’ D Better Get Going)[/url] 21: [url=]Πως Το Μπορείς (I Will Understand)[/url] 23: [url=]Κορίτσι Ξανθό[/url] 24: [url=]Ζητώ Να Βρω Μια Αγάπη[/url] 26: [url=]Επιστροφή[/url] 27: [url=]Το Αυτοκίνητο ΙΧ[/url] Track 6 is mistitled “Everything’s Allright” on release Track 20 is mistitled “Don’t Have Faith In Me” on release Track 22 is mistitled “Somebody Sent Love” on release Track 25 is mistitled “Non Et Nou” on release Track 28 is mistitled “Une Etoille” on release Track 29 is mistitled “Let’s Shake It Baby” on release


1. See You On Sunday
2. Little Girl
3. I Feel Alone
4. My Friend’s Girlfriend
5. Alone Alone
6. Every Things Is All Right
7. Reward
8. Say You Love Me
9. Another Chance
10. Dilly-Dilly
11. Give Your Love
12. To Megalio
13. One More Time
14. Symfora
15. Seashore
16. Mr Goose
17. Story Of A Tramp
18. Vassilikos
19. Always Near Me
20. Don’t Have In Me Faith
21. Try To Understand
22. Somebody Sent Me Love
23. Blonde Girl
24. I Ask For A Love
25. Non Et Non
26. Episrofi
27. Car (Vocal Version)
28. Une Etoile
29. Let’s Shake, Baby

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