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Various - It's A Kave-In - LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: K7LP-001
Includes an A4 insert with pictures and liner notes.


A1. Claudette Jones (2:04)
A2. Come On Baby (2:38)
A3. No, No, No, No (2:05)
A4. I’ve Got To Get To You (2:17)
A5. Rain (1:55)
A6. Many Mary (2:37)
A7. Familiar Faces And Forgotten Dreams (1:31)
A8. Neighbour, Neighbour (2:27)
B1. You Cant Come ‘Round Anymore (2:12)
B2. Big Boat Up The River (2:46)
B3. Shirley Lee (2:28)
B4. I’m Lonely (2:08)
B5. I’ll Wait And See (3:10)
B6. I’m So Small (1:53)
B7. Got Love (1:44)
B8. Social Cell (2:12)

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