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Various – Lost In Tyme – Volume 6 – CD


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Out of stock

Record Company:
Catalog Number: CD lit vol. 6
Was released together with issue #6 of Lost In Tyme Magazine out of Greece. Lost In Tyme fanzine+ cd issue #6 is in English language, on A4 paper, printed (not photocopy) with hard full color cover designed by Darren Merinuk and contains exclusive interviews and articles with: STANDELS REMAINS LEIGHTON KOIZUMI ex-Gravedigger V (Usa) MYND GARDENERS (Aussie) VERGE – (Aussie) WYLDE MAMMOTHS (Swe) HIGHER STATE (Uk) PAUL MESSIS (Uk) ALLAN CROCKFORD ex-Prisoners (Uk) GROOVY UNCLE (Uk) SIDEWALKERS (Greece) BASEMENTS (Greece) SOCIAL END PRODUCTS (Greece) MONGRELETTES (Greece) SNAILS (Greek) DARK RAGS (Greek) BELLTOWERS (Usa) SMOGGERS (Spain) PAINTED BRUSH (Italy) FADEAWAYS (Japan) THE ROCHESTER GARAGE SCENE OF 80’S News and tons of reviews (more than 150) for records, cds, 7”, fanzines and dvds Comes entirely without any publishing / copyright infos.


1. I’m Dead
2. Here Comes Yer Shadow
3. Turn To Blue
4. Caramel Sky
5. Pills
6. Boy Is Gone
7. I’ve Been Through It Before
8. Orangery Lane
9. Count On Me
10. You Can’t Forget About That
11. I Got You
12. Your Golden Touch
13. Hate
14. I Can’t Understand
15. Record Man
16. Surfin’ On The Barge Canal
17. Can’t
18. You That I Want
19. Don’t Tell Me The Truth
20. Riot On Sunset Strip
21. Tomorrow Will Remain
22. Tried So Hard
23. When I Met You
24. Satisfaction Guaranteed
25. Sun Shines
26. A Day With You
27. Trip In Tyme
28. Little Bird
29. Tears Come From Your Eyes

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