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Various – Rumble Skunk # 2 – CD


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Catalog Number: 02
RUMBLE SKUNK issue 2 + CD-comp!!! The second issue of Rumble Skunk came out in 2008 (A4, 64 Pages – black & white printing & pretty good quality). The fabulous cave front cover designed by Wild Evel of The Staggers! Is written in English and contains articles and interviews with: THE ALEWIVES (surf-instromaniacs from Milwaukee!), THE MIRACLE MEN (fab Dutch-garage-beat’n’rollers), NFG a.k.a. NO FUCKING GOOD (pre ’63 Monroe Ontario’s punk rockers), THE GENTLEMAN CALLERS (St. Louis best garage band!), THE BAROQUES (60’s Wisconsin psychedelic combo, their story so far…), THE TOMMYS (swamp-surf-instro madness from the land of OZ!), THE WAY-OUTS (an all Vox garage sensation from Belgium!), THE ULTRA 5 (New York’s creepy garage punk legends!), POZOR VLAK (fuzz-trash-cheapo instromania from Germany), PURPLE MERKINS (Tim’s garage-psych side-project!), THE ATLANTICS (trouble in beer garden with these cool 60’s Australian legends!), SKOOSHNY (a well hidden brilliant psych-power pop band from L.A.), THE COAL HEART (psych-pop-desert-garage-rock from the Greek 3-piece combo!), LORDS OF GRAVITY (Australia’s super fuzz’n’fab garage punk outfit!!!), McFADDEN’S PARACHUTE (Darren’s fairytale-like fuzz story straight from the streets of Rochester!), RAQUEL’S BOYS (USA’s latest phenomenal power pop combo!), LET’S TAKE A TRIP WITH… NASONI RECORDS (feat. my acid-psych cup of tea & stuff of the Liquid Visions, Void Forum, Vibravoid, “Mark’s Dream”, Purple Overdose, The Strange Flowers, The Atomic Workers etc.), plus “On The Occasion Of A Band And A Record! feat. PLAN 9 – “S/T” (New Rose Records), “Demos & DVD reviews”, “Goodnight CBGB’s”, a pretty cool commix feat. Penelope Goldschlag’s experience with The Cramps, “Alice in B-Movieland”, “Fanzines reviews”, plus 45 RPM, 33 RPM & CD’s reviews (more than 100++++). Last but not least, comes with a fab 27-track CD-R comp (including lotsa unreleased tunes!).


1. Now I Understand
2. Road To Paradise
3. Save My Soul
4. Mt. Olympus
5. Rumble Skunk Theme
6. It’s A Long Way Home
7. Ghost Guitars
8. By My Side
9. Ain’t Got Enough
10. I Want You
11. Where You Gonna Run
12. She’s Not Just Anybody
13. Never Bad Times
14. Walk With Me
15. Sweet Daisy June
16. I’ve Got Mine
17. It Hides More Than It Tells
18. Countryside
19. Down Today
20. Cheese Cake
21. Weekend Punks
22. White Eye
23. Messing Up My Mind
24. You’re Drivin’ Me Insane
25. Flight Of The Flea
26. The Spy Business
27. Psycho

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