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Various – Sem Chão – LP


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Record Company:
Catalog Number: WB 001
Launched exlusively in vinyl, the album ‘Sem chão’ includes songs by Manel Cruz, Dokuga, Redemptus, 10000 Russos, Greengo, Killimanjaro, The Black Wizards and O Bom, o Mau e Azevedo. All the proceeds from its sales will go to Barracuda Clube de Roque and Woodstock 69 Rock Bar as an effort to help these mythic venues survive the Pandemic. Illustration of Barracuda Clube de Roque side: Rui Ricardo Illustration of Woodstock 69 Rock bar: Joana Brito The recordings of ‘Sem chão’ took place during the pandemic at the respective bars behind closed doors. Recording, mixing and mastering were performed by Andrés Malta, with the exception of Greengo’s theme, which was recorded by Miguel Azevedo. Mixing and mastering were performed at Estúdio Eléctrico, in Porto. Alberto Cardoso participated in the executive production. The vinyl edition/reproduction included the support of Chaputa Records.


1. Pode Beijar a Noiva
2. Esquecido
3. Walls of Emptiness
4. Runnin’ Escapin’
1. Big Bikes
2. Come Feel the Love
3. Soul Keeper
4. Rui Pinto

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