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Surfer Joe Senor Surf CD Green Cookie records

Senor Surf (CD)

Release Date: 08/01/2013
Catalog Ref: GC036
★ CD edition of 300 copies ★

A milestone in Lorenzo’s career and mentioned within the top 100 surf revival album of all times, Senor Surf is a fully analog production developed at Circo Perrotti in Spain and composed mostly by original songs. This album has been a top-seller since it came out.
In modern surf music business Lorenzo Valdambrini (aka Surfer Joe) represents a strong reality, playing and organizing events worldwide. He dedicates his life to surf music with a positive attitude and a great energy, always ready for new experiences and ideas while keeping an eye on the tradition of the genre which involves the most typical reverb drenched guitar sounds and pushing drum beats inspired by jazz and rock ‘n’ roll.
After the years spent in the Caribbean and the many performances as Wadadli Riders – also releasing in 2009 the album “Made In Antigua” and an EP titled “Rev Hank Meets Wadadli Riders” produced together with Reverb Ranch (Canada) in 2010 – Surfer Joe came back to Europe in 2011 and formed a new group, the Boss Combo, to carry on his work and produce new music. Concentrating on the touring and delivering a power-surf style, the band did more than 100 concerts in the first year!
“Senor Surf” is the first solo release of Surfer Joe. It collects pieces from some years back and finally glues them together, but also presents brand new compositions that reveal the devotion to the classic surf sound of the 60s revisited with a fascinating style. “Senor Surf” flies from California to Italy, passing by enchanted Caribbean beaches and visiting remote European locations. This is the world of Surfer Joe, made of simple melodies, groovy arrangements, twanging notes, stories to tell and surf music.
We hope you will enjoy listening to this album as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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