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The Incredible The Invisible (LP)

Release Date: 18/11/2022
Catalog Ref: GC077

Sometimes sultry, sometimes fiery, sometimes rocking, sometimes rapping and sometimes she sounds like one of the old soul divas. It’s amazing what this woman can get out of her throat. She seems to be able to do almost anything. Strange guys, those Greeks. A beautiful album indeed. OOR, Alex van der Hulst.


All Vocals & Lyrics: Sugahspank!
All Music: Sugahspank!/Blend Mishkin
Guitars on #4: Jason Leontidis
Guitars on #8, 12, 13: Kostas Nikolopoulos of The Charms
Bass on #4, 13: Kostis Vichos
Electric Piano on #13: Yiannis Dimitriadis of The Happy Dog Project
Human Beatbox on #5, 12: Bitman of Word Of Mouth
Arranged and Produced by Blend Mishkin
Mastered by Yiannis Stergiou at Reaction Studios
All songs published by Ankh Productions / Ankh Music & Entertainment
Photos by Nikos Nikolopoulos
Cover Design by William Triantafyllou
Originally released as CAB104 Cast-A-Blast 2008

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