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Made In Antigua (Wadadli Riders) (LP)

Release Date: 12/01/2020
Catalog Ref: GC022
★ LP 12" vinyl edition of 300 copies ★

What the hell is “Wadadli”?
Well, it is the ancient name of the Caribbean island of Antigua where the band was actually formed on 2005 by Lorenzo Surfer Joe, Niki and Claudio Il Santo. The guys, just moved from Italy to the island, wanted to give life to the very first surf band from the Caribbean, and so it is now. Claudio went back to Italy after 1 year and since then the band has been comin’ and goin’ between Europe and the Caribbean to play and record surf music.
The current line-up showcases Lorenzo, switching between guitar and drums, and Niki on bass, hosting various guest musicians.
On Summer 2008 Wadadli Riders tour with Daddy-O Grande of Los Straitjackets both in Italy and California joining bands like Pollo del Mar, The Tomorrow Men, The Detonators and Los Venturas. The band is also the main guest at the Surfer Joe Summer Festival 2008, playing the saturday night show featuring John Blair (Jon & The Nightriders) for a few songs, and the Hawaiian Party of the Summer Jamboree 2008 in Senigallia (Italy). The live activity of the band is concentrated on surf parties and rock ‘n’ roll events playing original music and great surf music classics.
On July 2008 the band releases Surf Music Kings Of The Caribbean a nice 3-songs EP which receives good reviews and sells a very limited amount of copies during the same summer.
The first complete album of Wadadli Riders, Made In Antigua, is released on July 2009 and produced in Antigua by Surfer Joe Music ( It represents the first surf music recording ever done in the Caribbean!
A vinyl version of Made In Antigua is released on December 2009 by Green Cookie Records (Greece) and is available in limited edition.

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