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Hailing from Orange County, The Bash Dogs have stuck true to their roots of rock n roll ever since their 5th grade talent show. This power trio consists of brothers Nate (guitar and lead vocals) and Jeremy Barrett (drums), and groove master Nathan Schmok (bass and backup vocals). Growing up on the legendary classics: Zeppelin, The Doors, Hendrix, and The Beatles, The Bash Dogs have been able to produce a sound just as classic, infectious, and memorable. Writing heavy rock riffs with elements of surf, these boys aim to create a very raw, garage rock n roll sound that will drive their audience absolutely nuts. They make every show a party on the beach with everlasting dance pits and gnarly crowd surfs. “Dance parties are the best parties” as the band says confidently. The band’s dynamic expresses their authentic sound and it will lead them to success. What kinds of bands these days do guitar solos, bass solos, drum solos or even just jam in general? The Bash Dogs do and they will never stop jammin’.

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