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OUT 6 June 2016

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★ CD: € 12.00 post & digital download included ★ digital album € 8.00 ★

★ promos upon request: Nikos

The Aqua Barons were formed in January 2010 in Leheo, Corinth, Greece by the two brothers Petros & Philippos Sotiropoulos. Soon the band started gigging covering mostly surf standards. After a long period of inactivity they make their comeback in the Summer of 2013. Their love for traditional surf sound, with guitars drenched with reverb and fuzz, coming from true vintage equipment is their trademark. They appear in the Discography for the first time in the all Greek surf bands compilation “Search for Atlantis“(Green Cookie records 2014) with two tracks. “Surfer Joe festival 2015” in Italy and stage appearances with some of the worlds top surf bands is what follows. Their debut album “Southeast Stompers” will be released in 2016 from Green Cookie Records.

The Aqua Barons are: Petros Sotiropoulos (guitar), Antonis Ballis (bass), Ilias Athanasopoulos (drums).

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